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  1. I was feeling very over whelmed by all that is on the table for this next election. I kept remembering that verse that said the saints would be warn out in the end. And I was watching alot of people around the campaigns talking about how afraid they are and sounding paniced about the election and the thought that Obama might win. First of all, I don’t belive he will. Almost 90% of the country goes to church. 61% of Ca. voted for prop 22 – marriage between a man and a woman. And for the last two elections no matter what the media reported America used it’s vote for values. I think there is a big schew because almost all the media is liberal but America is not! We quiet people who pray and don’t even watch TV will show up to vote. And I have decided not to be afraid even if Obama wins. I know that God is God and he can do anything. Obama could get saved and change his mind or Obama getting elected could start in motion the things that will take us to heaven quickly. Either way God’s word said for me to not be afraid when I see these things and to remember where my hope comes from, it is not from McCain, although I feel pretty good about Palin. lol I encourage everyone to take a step back and have faith that our victory is already won even if it doesn’t look like it.

  2. I too am very concerned about the things I am hearing. I am a devoted Catholic, truly devoted, as are many of the wonderful people I know. I am saddened by those individuals who are pro-life and somehow reconcile in their minds that it is okay to vote for Barack Obama. Yes, he is very charismatic, bright, eloquent in his speech, but so have been many others who rise to power, only to bring darkness and destruction to humanity. He is an individual who believes in “infanticide” and has made it very clear that he will not appoint a supreme court justice who is conservative; therefore, we lose the one vote we need to overturn Roe vs. Wade. The Catholic church considers abortion an “intrinsic evil.” Do we want to be responsible for voting for a person who is pro-abortion, if there is an individual running who is pro-life. If they were on an equal footing, things might be different. But not in this election. We are choosing between light and darkness. I hope those of you who are Catholic (and even of other Christian faiths), who are considering voting for Senator Obama, will truly consider the ramifications of your vote. What the gentlemen in the laundermat said to Mrs. Palmquist is true. We are not responsible for what others do in choosing their lifestyles. But when we vote in favor of a proposition (in this case, Proposition 8) that promotes sin, then I have just made myself responsible for contributing to that sin. It is also true that we cannot judge others, but the Lord imparts wisdom to us and makes it very clear what sin is. We are not to judge the sinner, but we are to judge the sin. The Lord says to “Hate the sin, but not the sinner.” We are called as Catholics to proclaim the gospel, not to water down.

  3. Even Tarmcoal is speaking his mind…that is the Tarmcoal character on the left side of your blog, right?

    Great blog, Tim and Terri! The background picture looks beautiful too.

  4. I’m glad you noticed that, Mary. I thought mixing a little absurdity in with the beauty was appropriate for our family blog. But actually, that’s not “Tarmcoal” but “The Farmer” (a common misconception). For those of you who didn’t grow up in Pixley and don’t have a clue about what my sister Mary and I are discussing, I was a cartoonist many years ago and Tarmcoal and The Farmer were from two different comic strips. Sometime when things are more relaxed it will be fun to explain more.

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