Homeministry projectsPastor Chuck Smith’s “reasonable” abortion
counsel identifies widespread problem


Pastor Chuck Smith’s “reasonable” abortion<BR>counsel identifies widespread problem — 7 Comments

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  2. The Phoenix Preacher website referenced above has taken notice of this blog entry, taking issue with me in a post at: http://phoenixpreacher.net/?p=5870

    I have tried to respond on their site, but it appears to be ignoring my response at this time. So I am providing my response here, hopeful that at least some of the Phoenix Preacher readers will come here through the link:

    Hi Michael,
    Thanks for taking note of what I wrote. For the record, I was aware long before this controversy that phoenixpreacher.net is not a place where fans of Pastor Chuck tend to gather. Having my own history with Calvary Chapel I am aware of some of the baggage (no doubt just a small fraction of it, I admit). I made a conscious choice not to bring any of that controversy into what I wrote (obviously we must focus on the key issues at hand, and that does mean sometimes leaving some things out).

    Regarding ministering to women like Nicki, we have had and continue to have the opportunity to do so (as I thought was made clear in what I wrote). We have ministered both to women who aborted their babies and women who repented of their abortion decisions. We have seen God not only save countless babies’ lives, but He has also used us to save the lives of post-abortion women who were literally on the brink of suicide.

    We see many lives lost along the way, and the carnage can be overwhelming. We stand and witness dozens of babies being violently torn apart every week, and we see the way their mothers are devastated on their way out of the abortion chamber. And sometimes we have found ourselves dealing with the families of women who were injured or killed by abortion (or by its after-effects).

    But we also are blessed beyond measure to be on the receiving end of countless testimonies of women who tell us that were it not for us being there, they would have killed their baby. These women and their families thank us for being used by God to save them from a lifetime of regret.

    Those who choose not to abort their babies sometimes have a long, difficult road ahead of them, and we walk it with them as long as they want us to do so. In some cases, we have provided help until the child reached adulthood. In most cases, however, a woman really just wants someone who will a) be their friend and b) not be afraid to tell them the truth. When women come to us (and to you pastors) for words of life, how can we give them anything less? To do less is not only to fail to provide these women the help they need, but to fail to be faithful to our Lord.

    After a quarter century of ministry, I can say confidently that we have never once seen a situation where one of our clients regretted giving birth to her baby (even in cases where the baby died). But many times women who have aborted their babies come to us and tell us that they wish that they had listened to us before doing something that they will forever regret.

    Yes, God’s grace is there in every situation. But make no mistake, gentlemen, we are doing women (and men) no favors if we assure them of God’s grace before they choose to have their own innocent child killed. There are lifelong consequences they will experience, even if they know the fullness of Christ’s forgiveness.

    I’m glad we have this opportunity to talk.

    In Christ’s service for those who cannot speak for themselves,
    Tim Palmquist
    Proverbs 14:27

  3. Thank you for your article; a beneficial read.

    Your question, “Does love trump truth?” seems to have already been addressed by Mr. Smith in his quote: I would rather have the wrong facts and a right attitude, than right facts and a wrong attitude.

    (Source: {http://tinyurl.com/4wgdbtf}. For quote, see bottom of first long post, posted by SermonIndex.net moderator.)

    Take care and thanks again for the article.

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  6. I’ve been a long-time listener of Pastor’s Perspective and I believe that no one can judge Pastor Chuck with what he said. His point is he is against abortion but even if Nick decides on abortion, God would still be merciful to her. A lot of people and some are Pastors even still don’t realize that the salvation of the spirit is more important than the physical body. Earthly beings always think of earthly things. You have judged a person as if you know what’s in his heart. Don’t judge so you won’t be judged. At the end of it all, the measure that you use will be the same to be used against you.

  7. Sal,

    encouraging Nicki to have an abortion means encouraging Nicki to commit murder. The sixth commandment of God clearly states: “You shall not murder.” Every human life is precious, no matter what their chance of survival is. From what you stated, you are saying all unborn babies that have problems like Nicki’s children, should be aborted because their spirit is more important to God. How do you claim to know God’s will for these children? Its sick how many babies have been murdered, when they could have lived and blessed the world, take Nick Vujicic for instance. I’m glad he was not aborted! His parents did not know he was going to be born without arms or legs, but still, in light of your comments, he would fall under the category of those who should be aborted.


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