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  1. It appears that Sr. Prejean makes no distinction between an innocent child in the womb and a criminal who has done the horrific act of premeditated murder. And she apparently does not know her Bible about the punishment for premeditated murder. I can’t help thinking that, in some bygone day, she may have been very close emotionally to someone who had an abortion (maybe one of her own?) and is trying to justify the action.

  2. A dossier exposing Sr. Helen’s blindness to the abortion holocaust has been compiled by the Fidelity and Action blog at http://fidelityandaction.wordpress.com/sr-helen-prejean-dossier/

    Additionally, the Vatican recently issued an eight-page “doctrinal assessment” as it moves to reform an organization of Catholic nuns called the Leadership Conference of Women Religious for, among other things, not speaking out more against same-sex marriage and abortion. See: http://calcatholic.com/news/newsArticle.aspx?id=ec9c99d7-d696-4750-b522-a37b56ce8fe0

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