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  2. Thank you for sharing a truly powerful testimony. May God continue to pour his graces into the contractor so that he can see the error of his ways as well as into those like Terri so as to help him repent and to keep Planned Parenthood from following through with its deadly and nefarious plans. May all of Bakersfield rise up and let Planned Parenthood know that it has no business coming here and being no better a neighbor than a concentration camp.

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  4. Tim and Terry, I am so proud of you both. I printed this out and will fax to my son (a local contractor). He is a Believer and soon to have his first baby. I want him to get the word out to all the trades to shun this ‘project’.
    I think this will be a making or breaking point for Bakersfield. This is a chance for those sitting on the fence to get off and do (or not) the right thing. God is watching all of us. I pray especially for all the churches.
    I pray we ‘pass the test’. Otherwise we are cursed.
    I can think of lots to do…, but it will have to involve way more than what we have had in the past…
    Love, Mary

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