Terri Lawler met Tim Palmquist in 1977 at First Baptist Church in Delano, CA.

Tim and Terri Palmquist's wedding

April 28, 1985

After years of friendship and working together on various ministry projects, Tim and Terri were finally married on April 28, 1985 at the church where they met. The Palmquist family began to expand just a few days after the wedding, with the conception of Andrew. Over the course of the ensuing years, Tim and Terri welcomed a new child every two years or so (Amy, Micah, Matthew, Jacob, Joseph, Caleb, Christian, Samuel, and Sarah), until their final child, Esther, was born in 2005.

Even before Tim and Terri were married, God led them to minister to mothers and babies, seeking an end to our nation’s Abortion Holocaust. Within a few years, Terri was chosen to lead LifeSavers Ministries. Meanwhile, Tim supported the family through his software engineering business, while helping with ministry tasks whenever possible. After many years of trying to juggle ministry, family, and business, Tim eventually decided to focus on ministry full time (while still occasionally serving his computer clients).

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  1. Hello Terri, I am a single mother and I have 16 children. When I was in highschool I had a few abortions, but through serious religious searching I’ve found salvation. You’ve helped do this. Thank you mother terri(sa)!

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