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Songs by the Palmquists (lyrics and music!)
  • Pro-Life songs
    • Little Baby
      A song about a preborn baby who is scheduled to die today, asking Christians the question "what will we do?"
    • Won By Love
      In 1998, Tim wrote this song in honor of Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade), who had come to Bakersfield for the first annual LifeSavers Ministries Spring Fundraising Banquet.
    • Too Many Children?
      Do we have too many children? Sometimes it feels like we do, but thankfully God doesn't let our feelings limit our blessings.
  • Worship songs
    • Broken For Me
      Inspired by Mel Gibson's movie The Passion of the Christ
    • Raise My Hands
      A worship song expressing some of the reasons we raise our hands in worship
  • Wedding songs
    • Be Glorified
      (We wrote this song in 1985, to communicate our prayer that God would be glorified in our married life. The song was performed at our wedding on April 28, 1985.)
    • Created to Serve
      (We wrote this song in 1985, as an expression of our desire to serve God through our marriage. It was performed at our wedding on April 28, 1985.)
  • Christmas songs
    • Royal Ambassadors
      Examines the scriptural principles of gift giving as reflected by the wise men and the teachings of Jesus.
    • White Christmas
      Not the traditional "White Christmas" you've heard so many times. This song considers the kind of "White Christmas" God dreams about.
    • The Magic of Christmas
      A song about the Christmas story, focusing on the "Miracle of Life" in the three trimesters of the preborn Jesus.
  • We've written many other songs...
    come back and visit again and we'll share some more!

Poems by Terri Palmquist
The Empty CradleThe Empty Cradle
Cindi Wade asked Terri to write this poem for a memorial service entitled "The Empty Cradle", which was held on May 12, 2000 in Bakersfield. Cindi has planned these services as an annual community event in memory of her grandchild who was aborted in 1998.
The White RoseThe White Rose
Cindi Wade asked Terri to write this poem for a memorial service entitled "The White Rose", which was held in May of 1999 in Bakersfield.
A Birthday Gift
How can we give a birthday gift to Jesus?
Baby Andrew Barron Baby Andrew
Terri wrote this poem for baby Andrew Barron's memorial service on October 7, 2004.

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