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The Empty Cradle
Copyright 2000 by Terri Palmquist

An empty cradle rocks back and forth
  from a mother's hand
She longs for the child God gave her
  although it wasn't planned
Unfortunately she chose the way
  that so many do
Now the baby no longer lives
  and her heart is torn in two

An empty cradle rocks back and forth
  from a father's touch
It's amazing how a tiny child
  can affect a man so much
At the time he never questioned
  what was being done
Now every night he begins to wonder
  "Did I have a son?"

An empty cradle rocks back and forth
  by a gentle breeze
Along beside it is a grandma
  praying on her knees
She asks God to heal her hurts
  and take away her pain
Her grandchild's life was aborted
  and she'll never be the same

Our Father God gently rocks
  a baby fast asleep
As He looks at this little child
  a tear rolls down His cheek
"This wasn't the plan I had for you,
  precious tiny one,
You could have had much joy in life
  by serving Christ, my Son."

Terri Palmquist

Cindi Wade asked Terri to write this poem for a memorial service entitled "The Empty Cradle", which was held on May 12, 2000 in Bakersfield. Cindi has planned these services as an annual community event in memory of her grandchild who was aborted in 1998. Terri also wrote a poem for the 1999 service, entitled "The White Rose." (Terri actually wrote 21/2 "Empty Cradle" poems, but that's another story!)

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