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The Palmquist Children

Tim and Terri's main reason for getting married was that they believed they could serve the Lord better together than separately. Of course, they love each other very much, but love isn't enough to keep marriages together; it's a commitment first to God, and then to each other. The greatest gifts Tim and Terri have received in their marriage are their children. (All nine!)

Andrew William, born one month premature on December 28, 1985, was a real test of their faith. He had many problems his first week outside the womb, but (praise God!) he had no permanent damage. He is now taller than his mother and his feet are as big as his father's! He enjoys working on his computer, and he is helping to set up the computer system at the LifeHouse. Andrew was baptized by Rev. Flip Benham on August 3, 2000 in St. Louis. At his baptism, Rev. Benham asked Andrew if he had anything to say, and Andrew said, "I dedicate my life today to the Lord Jesus Christ."

Amy Marie, born on March 18, 1988, is a special blessing-she's the Palmquists' only girl! She has a tender heart, and soon it is hoped that she will be able to handle the telephone calls, and be like a secretary for the family. Amy was also baptized on August 3, 2000 by Rev. Flip Benham.

Micah Herman, born January 6, 1990, is the Palmquists' spiritual child. He's a little prayer warrior, and always wants to be out with his mother on the frontlines. Micah was also baptized on August 3, 2000, by Rev. Flip Benham.

The other children, Matthew Richard (born on October 28, 1991), Jacob Timothy (born on July 23, 1993), Joseph Phillip (born on March 14, 1995), Caleb Randolph (born on April 26, 1997), Christian Stephen (born on June 2, 1999), and Samuel Mitchell (born January 25, 2001) will be raised up to know and serve the Lord, too! Right now, they enjoy being at the LifeHouse while their mother is helping pregnant women.

For years, the Palmquists prayed that God would give them a home which could better suit their needs. God answered that prayer miraculously, and in the Spring of 2000 they moved into a beautiful home which they expect to be their family refuge for years to come.

The goal of the Palmquist family is "to glorify God."

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