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Tim and Terri Palmquist

Tim and Terri met in 1978 at First Baptist Church in Delano, California. They were married at First Baptist on April 28, 1985. During the service, Tim's dad read Psalm 127, which turned out to be quite prophetic. Tim and Terri wrote a song called "Created to Serve" for the wedding.

In 1986, they began traveling to Bakersfield on a regular basis to sidewalk counsel with LifeSavers Ministries (a small group of pro-lifers who offer help and information to women outside the abortion chamber).

After seeing a tremendous need and feeling led by God, they moved to Bakersfield in 1990, in order to increase their commitment in the sidewalk counseling ministry. They organized a local pro-life pastors' breakfast with Pastor Al Howard (a pro-life leader from Long Beach), because of their belief that the pro-life movement should be led by pastors. Unfortunately, they didn't see much response from the pastors. Within a few months, Tim and Terri were asked to become the leaders of LifeSavers Ministries.

Since 1991, they have continued leading LSM, usually spending 30 to 60 hours per week on pro-life ministry activities. However, LSM has never paid anyone a salary, primarily because the ministry budget was too small (the total budget was usually less than $4000 per year). In addition, Tim and Terri have a strong conviction that money which is donated to LSM should go directly to cover ministry expenses and assistance to pregnant women.

For years, the Palmquists' primary means of financial support has been Tim's computer work, but God has used recent difficulties to bring them to the conclusion that the needs of the family and ministry will be best met if they seek to raise full financial support for their ministry activities.

When God leads an individual to support the Palmquist's ministry, they are asked to give their contributions directly to Tim and Terri. This enables Tim and Terri to avoid compromising LifeSavers Ministries, providing for their family while following God's leading.

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