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Tim Palmquist - Computer services

Since 1986, Tim Palmquist has provided computer programming services to various inventory services around the nation (and even across the ocean). His primary project over these years has been OSIRIS, the On-Site Inventory Reporting Information System, written for Gary Waller of Waller Inventory Service.

Tim has also provided programming services for various other businesses and individuals. Most of his experience has been with C and C++, but he also has extensive work with a variety of languages and systems.

One of the most popular shareware programs produced by Tim was PDD.EXE, a utility allowing access to a Tandy Portable Disk Drive from a PC. Even though these disk drives have long since become obsolete, this utility is still available on the internet, here and here. Whenever possible, Tim has tried to find creative ways to integrate his Christian testimony with his computer work. For example, as part of the user manual for PDD.EXE, Tim wrote a tongue-in-cheek section on the origins of this program, which was intended to point PDD.EXE users to Jesus (see "How it Happened").

Recently, Tim (with some help from Andrew) began offering web-site design services.

For more information, or to discuss your computer-related needs, contact Tim.

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