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Tim and Terri's Goals and Accomplishments

In 1991, Tim and Terri organized Bakersfield's "Turn the Hearts" crusade, with about 20 churches encouraging their members to pray outside the abortion chamber. One of their main goals is for this constant prayer to take place outside the abortion chamber every week of the year. Tim and Terri have also been instrumental in bringing several national pro-life leaders to Bakersfield, including Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade). Norma's book "Won By Love" mentions Tim.

Throughout the years, Tim and Terri have focused on maintaining a constant presence of sidewalk counselors outside Bakersfield's abortion chamber on abortion days, interceding for the children who are scheduled to be aborted.

In 1997, Tim and Terri began traveling weekly to Palmdale to help establish a sidewalk counseling ministry outside Palmdale's only abortion chamber. Today, a pregnancy help center has replaced the abortion chamber.

In 1998, God answered Terri's prayers, amazingly providing the funds for LSM to begin leasing a 2400 square foot building adjacent to the abortion chamber; it has become the "LifeHouse" pregnancy help center. Because of the many needy women they encounter, they also hope that a local full-time maternity home will be built.

Tim and Terri thank God for the thousands of babies who were scheduled to die, but to God's glory were saved! Terri has often befriended the mothers of these children throughout their pregnancy and beyond, making hospital visits (sometimes as a labor coach) and even testifying in court to help these women.

Tim founded and hosted the daily radio program "Voice For Life" from 1993 to 1997, along with a weekend call-in talk show called "Merely Life." The radio programs' primary focus was providing information on how listeners could "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves." Voice For Life became a catalyst for freeing local Chinese refugees who were fleeing China's forced abortion policy.

Tim produces a weekly newsletter for LSM, the "Weekly Ministry Focus." He often stays home with the children so that Terri can maximize her ministry time. Tim is also working on a new radio program to spread the news every day throughout the country about babies being saved from abortion.

The Palmquist family has enjoyed traveling across the country for pro-life training and ministry efforts.

Tim is the author of God's Plan: Transforming the Gates of Hell into the Gates of Heaven, a book which Joe Scheidler calls "very informative and practical."

Tim and Terri are a unique team, as they both work together as "missionaries to the preborn," while they seek to raise up their children to do the same!

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