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A Birthday Gift
Copyright 2001 by Terri Palmquist

Jesus it's Your birthday
   and I'm not sure what to do
I want to give God something special
   to show my love is true
But what kind of gift could I give
   that would mean much of anything?
You who were beaten and crucified
   and now reign as the King of Kings!

"My child when you do anything
   for the least of these
Like trying to save an unborn's life
   don't think that I don't see
I know it's not always easy
   to help someone in need
But just remember when you're serving others
   you are serving Me"

Terri Palmquist

Tim asked Terri to write a poem about giving a Christmas gift to Jesus for their "Christmas on the Mountaintop" celebration on December 22, 2001. Terri just finished the poem the day before the celebration. She read the poem before the group which attended the celebration, which included LifeSavers volunteers and supporters and their families.

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