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Won by Love
Copyright 1998 by Tim Palmquist
If your computer has a sound card, you will hear the music for this song as you look at this page. If you don't hear the music, click here to directly access the MIDI music file.

When we never knew your name
You shocked the nation with your claim
And opened up the floodgates to
The slaughter of our young

So we marched into the streets
Standing for these precious feet
But how were we to realize
What one day you'd become?

For God's love
Would work a miracle
His hands
Would heal this heart
That was broken before

Then a man of God appeared
Wounding you with unkind words
Falling deep into your heart
Now he could feel your pain

But one day he humbly came
And said, "I'm sorry, and so ashamed"
Softening your hardened heart
The tears began to rain

For God's love
Was working a miracle
His hands
Were healing your heart
That was broken before

"This child isn't meant to be,"
They told her mother, who didn't agree
Soon she was a little girl
So full of love and life

So how could you reject her plea?
"Miss Norma, come to church with me"
Soon you would be giving up
Years of sin and strife

Through a child's love
God worked a miracle
Now His hands
Have healed your heart
That was broken before

You were Won By Love...
Won By Love...
Won By Love...
Won By Love...
This only could come from God above

Descending on you like a dove
The Holy Spirit filled you with His love
Now you are a channel of
His comfort you received

Once a root of bitterness
Sought to destroy this life you now possess
But now for all it's plain to see
Jane Roe no more will be

In God's eyes
You are a miracle
Through His love
You'll heal many hearts
That were broken before

They will be Won By Love...
Won By Love...
Won By Love...
Won By Love...
This only could come from God above

(In 1998, Tim Palmquist wrote this song in honor of Norma McCorvey ("Jane Roe" of Roe v. Wade), who had come to Bakersfield for the first annual LifeSavers Ministries Spring Fundraising Banquet. He has performed the song only once, for McCorvey and a few LifeSavers volunteers.)

Tim and Terri with Miss Norma in Santa Maria on March 10, 2001, where Tim gave Miss Norma the "Won By Love" music
Miss Norma and baby Caleb Palmquist
Miss Norma holds baby Caleb Palmquist at the opening of the LifeHouse in March 1998.

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