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Baby Andrew
Copyright 2004 by Terri Palmquist
This poem tells the true story of baby Andrew Barron.

Baby Andrew was born a bit early;
   He arrived on the 8th day of May,
Surprising his mother and father,
   But "he's healthy" the doctors did say.
And so he went home the next morning,
   his two brothers he was happy to meet,
James and Matthew thought Andrew was cute,
   so soft and incredibly sweet.
In just a few days he got terribly sick
   and was close to passing away.
The angel of death flew by Andrew,
   but the Lord told him "not today!"
"You see I have a plan for this boy
   which started in his mother's womb,
So you will have to wait a while,
   Because it's a little too soon."
Meanwhile, Andrew developed an infection
   that did damage to most of his brain.
He was unable to eat or breathe on his own
   but he wasn't experiencing pain.
The doctors explained to Andrew's mom
   there was nothing more they could do,
So she should "pull the plug right now"
   and focus on her other two!
The physicians didn't offer much hope
   although little Andrew had improved.
"If he survives he won't have 'a life'
   being hooked up to all those tubes!"
But the doctors forgot the power of prayer
   and relied on their human inventions.
They had no clue that all 'round the world
   people prayed for God's intervention.
So even though the odds were against him
   this little fighter began to thrive.
Andrew's creator became his healer
   and the doctors were amazed he was alive!
In a few weeks baby Andrew was home
   without any restrictions or tubes.
His mother, so proud of her brave little boy,
   couldn't help but share the good news.
The last night that baby Andrew was here
   was so precious to him and his mom:
They cuddled and played all night,
   till the moon went down and the dusk became dawn.
And as his mother drifted off to sleep
   with little Andrew attached to her breast.
God's angels flew down and carried her child
   to heaven where he could rest.
You see God had a plan for this baby
   and it didn't stop on September 29th.
He wants to make sure that Andrew's family and friends
   will see him again when they die.
If you never have asked the Heavenly Father
   to forgive you of all you've done wrong,
Then "today is the day for salvation"
   so accept in your heart His one Son.
Take comfort in God's Holy arms
   and rejoice in the Lord Jesus Christ;
Remember the creator of Andrew
   has a purpose and plan for your life.

Written by Terri Palmquist, 9/29/04-10/3/04
For more information on the story of baby Andrew,
click here.

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