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Little Baby
Copyright 1999 by Terri and Tim Palmquist
If your computer has a sound card, you will hear the music for this song as you look at this page. If you don't hear the music, click here to directly access the MIDI music file.

Little baby
safe in your mama's womb
you can hear voices in the night
your mama says it can't be true
she's too young to take care of you
but your daddy says you're just a blob of tissue

If only they knew

That you are a baby
and you are alive
if they'd only listen
they could hear you cry
You have your mama's smile
your daddy's eyes
reflected in your tiny size
but will they ever realize?

Little baby
we may never see your face
but the silence of your voice cannot be erased
as your daddy plans to end your life
will we see your mama through the strife?
How can we hold back the knife

Oh... if only we'd see

That you are a baby
and you are alive
if we'd only listen
we could hear you cry
The one who made you tells us to be there
Your mama needs someone to share
but will we be too busy to care?

What will we do?

Little baby
You're the apple of His eye
He's saving every precious tear you cry
And though we travel round the world to sing
and spread the story of the King
will you hear the Good News we bring?

If only we'd see

That our loving Father
has a plan for your life
if we'd only listen
we could hear Him cry
If we refuse His call to rescue you
will we hear Him say He never knew?
'Cause we do to Him what we're doing to you

What will we do?

Well, what would He do?

If we would see you through the Father's eyes
maybe then we'd realize
that you're a precious gift
You're Heaven's prize

Little baby... what will we do?
Little baby... what will we do?

Terri and Tim Palmquist

Terri wrote the melody and the first verse of this song several years ago, and Tim completed the song in 1999. When Tim first tried to sing the song at the 1999 LifeSavers Ministries Spring Banquet, he became too overcome with emotion. Recent opportunities to sing this song have also been emotional experiences for Tim.

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