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Christmas 2003

Dear Ones,

Merry Christmas once again! Wasn't Christmas just a month or two ago? Time flies much more quickly these days, which is very obvious as we look at our children.

Our oldest son, Andrew, will be 18 on the 28th of this month; that is so hard for us to imagine! This summer he participated with a worship team for an inter-generational Sunday School class and now he has been asked to actually lead the worship team every other week. We are very proud. Andrew also recently started working on a computer program for an inventory company (Tim has done programming for this company since Andrew was just a baby).

Amy will be sweet 16 in March, and has blossomed into a beautiful young woman. She has been a tremendous help to us this summer as she has handled many of the pregnancy tests for me when I was at the abortion chamber. She also has been able to keep up on preparing baby gifts for women who don't abort (and for those who are leaving after abortions, Amy prepares gifts which include a Bible and pamphlet on post- abortion healing). She has even helped a couple times out on the front lines. One time a woman said "what would you do if your daughter was raped?" Amy and I had never talked about this before, but Amy quickly replied, "I might let someone adopt it, but I wouldn't kill it!"

Micah will be 14 in January and seems to want to follow in big brother's footsteps. He enjoys music and computers. He's helping us get our business "Cherished Names" working on the computer and helps us design pamphlets we give out to abortion-minded women. He was also a big help on this Christmas card!

Matthew turned 12 in October and has been able to help us in the ministry by stamping literature and he helps his dad by re-checking the deposit slip before Tim goes to the bank. At church he always is one of the top in his class in memorizing verses and he enjoys being part of the children's choir.

Jacob who turned 10 in July and Joseph who will be 9 in March are best buddies. They had a great time visiting Grandma and Grandpa this summer. They are also in choir and enjoy their church activities. They help watch the younger ones from time to time.

Caleb is 6 and is our ray of sunshine (and as you can see, he still has some red in his hair). He has a sweet disposition and is always eager to help.

Christian, who turned 4 in June, is quite a character. Tim had been proofreading his book God's Plan this summer and left the computer for a minute. When he returned Christian proudly exclaimed that Samuel knows how to spell his name, as Tim questioned why "C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N" was typed in the middle of his book! (Obviously Samuel didn't type it!) A few days ago when abortionist Kenneth Wright was leaving, Christian
Listen to Christian pleading with the abortionist and his staff.
called out to him "God doesn't want you to kill babies! 'Cause Sarah was inside of Mama's tummy, and she's a baby!" Out of the mouths of babes.... (You can listen to more of what he said by clicking the links on the right.)

Samuel will be 3 in January and is a sweet kid! For some reason, he doesn't have a very large vocabulary, but still is able to communicate. For example, "heh heh" with his tongue hanging out means "dog"! He is funny and loves his new baby sister Sarah, along with everyone else in the family.

Our newest and sweetest addition to the family is Sarah, who is 7 months old. Her birth was definitely the highlight of the year. I had convinced most everyone that I was going to have a boy. After she was born and they laid her on my stomach, we didn't even check. Finally about 5 minutes later Amy lifted up the blanket and peeked. "It's a girl!" she shrieked! What a thrill! We truly are blessed and although there are trying days we know that God is good and we are so thankful for all the children God has given us!

Tim and I continue to stay busy and are always in need of your prayers. We look forward to serving God this new year and hope to see an abundance of good fruit for His glory.


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