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Letter from Terri Palmquist asking for financial assistance

July 5, 1999

Please read this letter and prayerfully consider helping Tim and I to be able to continue serving God by saving babies from abortion.

We have been actively involved in LifeSavers Ministries for over 12 years, averaging 30-40 hours every week without any pay. There have been times in the past that LSM was struggling to have enough money to buy the literature that was needed when we talk to women who are going in to have their babies aborted, so we used our own money for that. In the past, mothers who have changed their minds needed financial help, so if LSM didn't have the funds, we used our own personal money. We even gave one mother our station wagon because she needed a vehicle to get back and forth to work.

God has provided Tim with a computer programming job that has made it possible for him to work at home for almost 13 years. This has allowed him the freedom to watch our children, while I go out every Monday and Tuesday, rain or shine, to plead with the women to choose life and also be actively involved in running the business part of LSM. He is the one who in the past was in charge of running our monthly meetings, sending out donor receipts, planning banquets and fund raisers, working on parade floats, doing radio programs and of course our wonderful newsletter that he publishes. I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the idea!

I have had the privilege to be the labor coach of several babies saved from the abortionist's knife and God has used us to save hundreds of little lives over the years, but not without a price. How much is a baby's life worth?

Tim and I have had to sacrifice our finances and family for the sake of the unborn. We have been blessed with 8 beautiful children, who (for the most part) have been supportive of us trying to save babies and understand when we can't afford to move in a bigger house (we live in a 3 bedroom house, with 1400 sq. ft.), with a larger yard. We haven't had the finances to keep up on the maintenance on the house, so our roof leaks, our stove has no working burners, some doors and windows need replacing and so does the carpet and I could go on and on.

Throughout our marriage, we have intentionally focused on ministry instead of money. But our recent troubles have convinced Tim that this must change, and (as much as he hates to do so) he must focus on bringing money in for our family. So, he's trying to find a better job. Unfortunately, Tim has developed some very complex computer programs over the years, he has also neglected to keep up-to-date with the newest technology (such as Windows and the Internet). Computers are continually changing and now he is behind in his skills, because he literally hasn't had the time and now financially, we are in trouble, at least in the world's eyes!

There have been many times in the past that we have felt like quitting because of all the darts satan has thrown at us, but we hung in there, believing that we were doing what God wanted us to do in spite of the opposition. We have prayed throughout the years that God would raise up more workers to help carry the load and who shared the same vision as us. We are grateful for the volunteers we have, but no one wants to take on the responsibilities we have and so we press on. I couldn't even take a full two weeks off after having baby Christian, because we wouldn't have had enough sidewalk counselors!

We're finally between a rock and a hard place and that is why I am humbling myself and writing you. It has come to the point that Tim is having to take some time off from his responsibilities at LSM in order to try to get us back on our feet financially. How long of a time depends on how well this letter is received. In the past, we have hinted around that we have needs, but unfortunately, this has only resulted in a few one time donations and only $56.00 a month. I'm believing that you and others like you can help to put satan in his place and bring glory and honor to our Lord by helping us.

It is time that you, (if you believe that saving little ones from death and leading souls to Jesus is important) my brothers and sisters in Christ help us to carry the load. Please, respond to us this week. I understand that many of you are not able to come out to the abortion chamber or LifeHouse, but babies are dying and we are willing, so you can help carry the load? I am sending this letter out to around 50 of you in hopes to get financial support to help us meet our bills.

I don't feel I'm wrong to ask you for money, although it is hard to. I feel that the Bible talks about that if someone is doing the Lord's work we are to be paid. If you read 1 Corinthians 9, you will find that Paul talks about his right to get paid for preaching the gospel, but he didn't because he wanted to be able to brag about not getting paid. Well, that is what we have done for the past 12 years but we have now come to realize that we should be paid for leading souls to Christ, preaching the gospel and saving babies (besides, Paul didn't have a family). Verse 14 says "In the same way, the Lord commanded that those who proclaim the gospel should get their living by the gospel." Also, by allowing you the opportunity to give to us, you will be able to reap what we sow.

LifeSavers Ministries is doing well financially right now. We don't receive any salary from LSM because we don't want to ever compromise the work God may want us to do by being afraid that LSM could lose their non-profit status or something. From what we've been told from a CPA, if we received a salary from LSM , we would risk having the IRS come after both LSM and us personally. Therefore, we feel the best thing to do is get individuals like yourself to give to Tim and I personally, which will not affect LSM at all.

I'm not going to beat around the bush, since the Bible says "you have not because you ask not", I'm going to ask and believe that you will respond and this terrible emotional trial we've been going through will be over. You see, Satan wants to discourage us and this has been the one area he has been able to get to us, but not any more! So, this is what we need you to do. We are asking that you make a year commitment of at least $25.00 a month. I know there are some of you who will receive this that this will be a bit of a sacrifice and I also know that there are some of you who could do 10 times this amount and it would hardly be noticed. The question I would like to ask is can you sacrifice just a little to help us be able to save lives. We have sacrificed for 12 years, so please be generous and God will repay you, not only with material goods, but babies' lives. We will try to send you updates monthly so you will be able to see the fruit from your donations.

Please feel free if you have any questions to give us a call or drop us a line. If you don't agree with what we do or have a problem with how we are doing it, don't just toss this letter, respond to us. We need to hear from you. Fill out the bottom of this sheet and return it right away. I know God will bless you and many little babies will be saved!

We really appreciate your taking the time to read this and look forward to how together God will use us to stop the killing of His little ones, "one heart at a time." Please remember us in your prayers and all of our children.

In His Service for Life,

Terri Palmquist

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