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Letter from Terri Palmquist to donors

August 30, 1999

Dear friends,

Thank you for supporting our family as we continue to seek to serve the Lord in pro-life ministry.

On a recent Monday night, Micah (our nine-year-old son) was having one of his severe asthma attacks, so I had him come in my room and lay on my bed propped up by pillows, which makes his breathing easier. I prayed for him, and then I said that when he wakes up and can't sleep, he should pray that Jesus would help him, because Jesus is the Great Physician. I also said that he could pray for the babies who would be dying in the morning, and for their moms. (One of the ways God has led me to pray for the moms is that they will dream about their babies.) Micah said he would be praying for them.

In the morning, Micah was sleeping when I left. When I arrived at the abortion chamber, the other sidewalk counselors who were there had already had a turnaround! Colleen had tried to talk to a lady as she went into the abortion chamber, but the lady said that she wasn't having the abortion, it was her friend. Well, later the same woman came down and took Colleen by the hand and thanked her for being there. She apologized for lying to her, because she was going to have an abortion.

She said that the night before, she had dreamed that she was pregnant with five babies, and her other children were very excited about having a lot of brothers and sisters. While she was sitting in the waiting room, she was convicted by what Colleen was saying. Thinking about her dream, she went into the bathroom and repented. You see, this woman was a Christian! (Sadly, we see Christian women go into the abortion chamber every day.)

Recently, sidewalk counselors from Fresno visited, seeking insight and assistance in their ministry. If we had the time (and a reliable vehicle), we would like to go to Fresno on a regular basis to help them. (Fresno has the same abortionists, but their abortion chambers are much busier than Bakersfield's.)

We are asking God to help our entire family to serve Him. We appreciate your prayers for us as we continue to seek this goal.

In His Service for Life,

Terri Palmquist

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