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Letter from Terri Palmquist to donors

November 29, 1999

Dear friends and supporters,

We would like to invite you to fellowship with us this coming Sunday, December 5, 1999, at the LifeHouse from 2:30 to 5 pm. We want to share with you some exciting things God is doing in our lives and show you a video of our trip last month to New York. We will be having a potluck, but don't feel obligated to bring anything if it's too much trouble; your company is what we really want. Please give us a call if you think you can make it.

Last Saturday, I went to Fresno (with another pro-lifer from Visalia) to sidewalk counsel (if we hadn't been there, nobody would have been there to talk to these women, although usually sidewalk counselors are there on Saturdays). About 12 to 15 girls were going in for abortions. I was amazed at how accessible the women were to us compared to the situation we're used to in Bakersfield. Most of the girls took our literature, and two walked out without having the abortion (hopefully two others changed their minds too). As I spoke to one girl, I felt led to say "last night you asked God to give you a sign if He wants you to keep this baby, right?" She shook her head in agreement. I said, "well, I'm your sign. I came all the way from Bakersfield to talk to you." I plan to continue going to Fresno as often as possible, hopefully once or twice a month. LifeSavers Ministries is also providing resources for the Fresno-area sidewalk counselors.

God may be opening the doors for us to move to our "dream house" in Tehachapi by Christmas. We have been praying about this house for almost 2 years (before we even had the LifeHouse)! This house is exactly what our family needs: about 3000 square feet on almost an acre -- near enough for me to maintain my involvement in the ministry in Bakersfield, but high enough to get us out of the yucky air so hopefully Micah won't have so many problems with asthma.

Although this house was finished back in 1992, it has never been lived in. It has fallen out of escrow several times, and now, it's getting to be the end of the year so the owner is ready to make a deal with us. He has offered us the opportunity to lease with the option to buy (which he previously wouldn't consider). We need $5000 down and $1200 per month for one year. Right now, that is pretty hard for us to manage, but nothing is impossible with God. We have seen God's amazing power several times, including supplying enough money for us to lease the LifeHouse, so if it's His will, He will provide a way. (However, we are trying to maintain our faith without falling into presumption. We have prayed many times that if God does not want us in the house, it would be sold to someone else.)

Please pray for us as we continue to seek His will for our lives. Our support monthly for the last three months has been around $2500, but most of the support comes from one person. We need to get more individuals to help, so that if one person can't give as much, we can still pay our bills. We need to have an increase of at least $1000 per month to be able to move into the house. What a testimony to all, especially our children when they can see how God has blessed our family with such a wonderful house big enough for us to have company and a back yard to play in!

For years we have been struggling with vehicle problems, but God has recently met our needs in amazing ways. First, we were given a car in October by a donor who wanted us to be able to minister in Fresno. Now, God has provided us with a 1997 15-passenger van (we'll actually have enough seatbelts for everybody, for the first time in years). Tim's parents were generous enough to loan us the money, so now we'll have reliable transportation that will allow us to go wherever the Lord wants us to go and then back home safely.

Please, please continue to pray for us and if the Lord leads you perhaps you know others you could share a support packet with to increase our chances of moving.

In His service for Life,

Terri Palmquist

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