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Letter from Terri Palmquist to donors

October 23, 1999

Dear friends,

October has been an extremely busy month and it's not even over yet! LifeSavers' Mexican Dinner fundraiser was a lot of work, but seemed to be fruitful for the ministry. Around $2000 was raised for LSM. This was the first time some of our children were able to help us. Andrew handled our resource table (which included our new "Life Is More Precious Than Gold" T-Shirts he helped design), while Amy and Micah were at the door handling the tickets. They really enjoyed the evening and loved the opportunity to help.

We also gave out a new "Palmquist Family" brochure we have designed, and a couple of people responded to it. (We've enclosed a copy; maybe you'll have an opportunity to share it with someone. We soon hope to update it with a family picture.)

Tim, Christian and I will be leaving on October 30th to fly (please pray for a safe trip!) to New York City to attend the wedding of two of our Chinese friends (former refugees who we helped when they were in the Lerdo jail). The wedding is also supposed to be a reunion for about 40 former refugees. We didn't think we could afford to go, but a good friend said he would pay for one ticket if we were able to work out babysitting. Then the groom called us, asking us to come and saying "you're my best friends in America!" So we found a good price on tickets, ($638 round trip for both of us) and we can stay with our Chinese friends, so here we go! We expect this trip to provide us with further evangelistic opportunities among our Chinese friends, along with the opportunity to make contact with some pro-life ministries in New York City (possibly including our speaker for next Spring's banquet).

Last week one of our newest volunteers was visiting a friend who just gave birth, and the girl said "I was up in the waiting room to have an abortion with this baby, when I heard this lady hollering 'I'll take your baby if you don't want it,' and I thought, I'm not going to give my baby up for adoption, but I'm not going to abort either," so she got up and left! (I know that many women hear me when they're inside the waiting room, but I hadn't previously known about this particular baby being saved.)

Because of the financial support we are now receiving, we have finally been able to sign up with Samaritan Ministries, a Christian alternative to insurance (only $120 per month for our entire family). If you know anyone who cannot afford medical insurance, please let them know about Samaritan Ministries. Their toll-free number is 877-764-2426, and if anyone mentions us when they sign up, we will receive a $30 referral credit.

Thank you for keeping your prayers and donations coming. With God and you we are making a difference, one life at a time!


Terri Palmquist

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