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Letter from Tim Palmquist to donors

September 30, 1999

Dear friends,

One day recently, Terri came home late in the evening, exhausted after a long day (she had been helping her 78 year old mom in McFarland who was having physical difficulties). She wished she could just go to sleep, but instead she had to deal with two distressing phone calls. She received a call from a pregnant woman we had been helping with groceries, who reported that her doctor said that her baby had died inside her.

Within a short amount of time, Terri received a frantic call from another woman, "Jade" (not her real name), who we have been helping for over a year. Her 8 month old baby was "legally" abducted by the police, because of a trick by her ex-husband's lawyer. In recent weeks, Terri has been helping her with the custody battle. Yesterday, Terri testified in court regarding the ex-husband's behavior, especially his refusal to provide for the needs of his wife and baby. "Jade" has been representing herself in court, because she cannot afford an attorney (while her ex-husband has a well-paid attorney with a reputation for being very manipulative). However, as a result of yesterday's testimony, the judge has appointed an attorney to represent the baby. This new attorney will investigate "Jade's" contention that her ex-husband's family history causes her to fear that the baby will be abused. The next hearing is now set for October 22. In the meantime, the baby remains in the primary custody of the ex-husband's family. (Please remember to pray for the baby, and for "Jade.")

Every day isn't as eventful as this, of course, but it seems that "when it rains, it pours." Because of our need to be available to the women we serve, we have restructured our phone call forwarding so that we should usually be available on the LifeSavers Ministries hotline (661/323-BABY) 24-hours a day. LSM has also obtained a cordless phone to help us be more able to answer calls at home.

We may have told you before about our "dream house". For almost two years we've been hoping and praying that God could help us to get into this 5-bedroom home, even though it seemed impossible by human standards. Recent developments have removed some major obstacles; we will appreciate it if you will pray that God will help us to follow where He's leading regarding the housing needs of our family.

Balancing ministry and family responsibilities continues to be our major challenge, but God's grace helps us make it through. God also ministers to us through your support and generosity. Thank you for letting God use you as partners in this ministry!

In Christ's service for those who cannot speak for themselves,

Tim Palmquist

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