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Bogus "trespassing" case
dismissed after 10 months

September 2004 - July 2005

Tim and Terri Palmquist were accused of trespassing on September 14, 2004, when they were outside the Family Planning Associates abortion chamber in Bakersfield.

As the court hearings progressed over the months, Tim and Terri became increasingly aware that the legal battle they were facing was just one small part of a much bigger spiritual battle. These pages document how God worked through various circumstances to help Tim and Terri trust in Him (rather than trusting in lawyers and legal strategies), and how God was victorious in this battle.

Although the court case is over, the battle continues -- but we know Who is victorious in the end!

> > First trial report (6/27/05)

Terri and Tim point to 'God is Victorious' banner outside LifeHouse

Photo by Amy Palmquist

Terri and Tim point to "God is Victorious" banner outside the LifeHouse.

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